Eight Plates Farm

Pastured cattle and hogs raised on our Michigan family farm provide our customers with quality cuts of beef and pork at their table. Our grazed and grown approach allows our animals to flourish on quality forages and grain in a natural setting.

our mission

To provide the best quality beef and pork to our customers, while raising our animals in a sustainable setting.

It’s important to us that the animals and crops we raise are cared for and fed in a way that will benefit both our livestock and the environment around them.

To raise our kids in the sunshine and soil surrounded by the lessons nature can teach us everyday.


For the Farm touches each and every one of us in one way or another.



  • Our cattle are given outdoor access at all times

  • We rotationally graze our cattle so they are on pasture during peak grass seasons (May-December)

  • Our finished hogs have access to pasture and are finished on our farm grown corn

  • Our meat is never treated with hormones

  • We are both soil and whole animal minded

  • We use a USDA butchering facility that has traceability to the animals we bring to them

  • Our animals are cared for by our eight member family each and every day, and create our farm lifestyle